New Kevin Smith Fan(a thanks to kevin)

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Posted by Elmac420 at on August 24, 2001 at 16:12:03:

All I can say is holy shit. After reading an article in Newsweek about Kevin Smith, and checking out his story in the new high times(which is excellent by the way) I promtly went out and rented clerks and chasing amy. clerks is halarious and chasing amy, shit jay and silent bob are funny characters. I had seen dogma but I thought it was just a funny flick and I just now put two and two together, that silent bob is kevin smith, who is the director of all three. I already bought my tickets for Jay and Silent Bob strike back and I cant wait to see it tonight. You know hollywood is a bitch and no one that does comedies get respect, but kevin deserves something. My pops is on the academy (john lawson, step pops) and after me and him shared a joint for the first time the other day, I threw in Dogma, and I swear to god he almost fell off his fuckin chair he laughed so hard. He is going with me tonight to see J&SB Strike back and he swears that "if it is as funny as that damn dogma movie, it gets my vote." So dont worry kevin the grass roots campaign is starting, you'll have an oscar by 2003. I was thinking their are basically two great young directors out there right now, Kevin Smith and Darren Aronofsky(Pi, requiem for a dream, and the up coming new batman series). Shit, Kevin you should look into working with that guy. You two could defiantley pull in some oscar gold. well take it everyone and kevin Eugene OR loves you man. And all that you do.

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