What happened to Freedom in America?

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Posted by Raven2u at c1723342-a.mesqt1.tx.home.com on August 24, 2001 at 15:57:19:

I was checking out the web site and saw the link to the website jay and silent bob suck. Where the message was posted by a supposed PA. The website dedicated to getting rid of Kevin Smith.

I was appalled that more and more we see people trying to force their opinions on others. Having an opinion is one thing, but if god almighty can give us free will, then why can't huminity as a whole. God will deal with me if I am a bad person. But I dont need a bunch of self righteous assholes telling what movies to watch and enjoy. Does that mean movie goers will soon be subjected to the same thing you see in front of abortion clinics. Kevin's movies are a valid reason for the constitutional right of freedom of speach. If a person doesnt like the music, language or other things, then leave. For gods sakes do a favor to America and shut up and leave. Have your meeting with your self righteous, self absorbed self help groups and keep your opion out of the main stream. I pay taxes, I like Kevin Smith and think that those that object should try doing some good like bitch about the lack of housing, employment and the real problems in America.

Let the different liberated society think for them selves. Do we really need them to think for us. I think not. Thank you Kevin for the laughs, the fun and Jay and Silent Bob.

Every one looses their cool. Stress, bills and people can be a major factor. Whether or not Kevin was pissed at the PA or not, is no reason to like and slander. If Kevin was masturbating, the PA should be glad he didnt do it in front of the whole crew. What better stress relief is there? I think that people just look for a way to try to bring those who make it some where down. You have me and My friends and family hooked.

Texas loves Kevin and the crew.

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