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Posted by jkm822 at on August 24, 2001 at 10:56:55:

In Reply to: Why are you all so gay for JSBSB? posted by CrayzeeGuy on August 24, 2001 at 10:40:05:

For the record, I'm 26, and have most certainly been involved with members of the opposite sex. The time that I spend on this board happens when I'm at work and doing my damndest to avoid working; at night, I have a life.
As to why I intend to go to the film tonight, opening night, it's because 1)I'd been planning to all along, and 2)The people I'm going with couldn't go any other night. Why rush to go opening weekend, when we know it's going to be playing for weeks? Well, several reasons. If lots of people go this weekend, it will give other people incentive to go. A movie that doesn't gross all that much in its first weekend tends not to go very far. Also, for those of us who remember when Mallrats was in the theatres, by the time half of us got a chance to go and see it, it was already gone.
Why do we care if it goes to number one or not? Because we like Kevin's movies. We don't feel he's gotten the cash or the recognition he deserved for his other films, and we want to see this one, the last of the ever more inappropriately named "Jersey Trilogy," do very well.
No, we don't know Kevin. But the great thing about him is that through this website, and the extras on his DVDs, he makes a point of giving us a clue as to what's going on and treating us as if we were a part of things. We respect that. Why don't you? And why do you feel justified in attacking us for it?


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