My Problem with Ebert's review

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Posted by RocketeerZ at on August 24, 2001 at 09:58:34:

Mild Rant Mode On

I actually have a small problem with Ebert's review. Since he's reviewed Kevin's other films, he obviosly would have SOME idea of the characters & events within, and since he was able to describe some said events, it's obvious he either did some research or remembered enough of it to make the mentions he does.

NOW, I would say, as a professional film critic, that Ebert has a responsability to both his audience AND the film-makers to get certain facts correct in the writing of his review. While I would NEVER be one to see or not see a film based upon a critic's take on it, there are loads of people who would, and seeing the small mess that he made of it, I could actually see a "casual" Smith fan who might have seen one or two films, but not all of them, choose NOT to see JASBSB because he/she might have gotten the wrong idea behind certain parts of the film. As weak as that sounds, I feel it's actually true. People can be swayed by the strangest things.

It's not a major deal, I just feel that since we all have to be responsable in our various lines of work, I'd like to think that even a critic would have to be the same, especially when you think about the fact that said critic actually could be the difference between finishing the weekend at the box office #1 or #3...

Mild Rant mode off

- Rocket

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