Is there any truth in these nasty alegations Kevin

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Posted by Element-J at on August 24, 2001 at 08:28:45:

Ive just been to the appaulingly bad www.jayandsilentbob site (which exists primarily as a kevin bashing site, some people have way to much free time) There currently running an article written by a PA who apparently worked on the set for Kevins latest movie.
Now according to this PA, Kevin got up to some distincly non christian things on that set, and as a catholic who though he had a similar set of belief/religeous values as the big-bearded one, I felt compeled to enquire which of the following two was BS;

A: The story of Kevin attempting to assault someone with a chocolate milk drink

B: The story written by Kevin himself which detailed his activities at a demonstration at a cinema showing his movie "Dogma" (a quality production i might add)

Im going to appologies in advance for being one of these anoying people who asks someone whos obviously uninterested in what i think to confirm or deny a rumor. Infact I'm generaly quite opposed to gossip in general (causes nothing but trouble) but I've long considered Kevin an exemplary role model of a set of beliefs which i agreed with, and like to think, also practiced...

You may have noticed I've attempted to be as diplomatic as possible within this mail, as I try to conduct myself in a non-opinionated way. But also because i count myself among the fans of Kevins work as well as a christian...

Id be greatfull if i wasnt ignored, but ultimately im a realist and your a highly succesful and internationaly renowned director...

Your Hopefully

J (London, UK)

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