Mallrats one sheet : How did it get top? U decide

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Posted by I Shot Dante Hicks at on August 24, 2001 at 05:38:53:

how did the mallrats one sheet win the voting poll on NewsAskew. I may be in a minority but i think it was the worst of all 5. Im not saying its a bad poster. I love the artwork and I have it up on my wall (along with the other 4 and the mallrats blueprints)but as an advertising poster it doesnt look right. To me it looks more like the kind of poster that you would only buy, or look at if u had seen the film. It shows the main charaters in different poses from the movie, in the style of a comic book and bacause of this i think that (unlike the others) it is not as clear that it is a poster advertising a film. The others are more traditional. Showing the actors in a line and listing cast names. That design is easier to the eye and even to the untrained viewaskewian it is still clear that it is for a movie, and even if u just glance at it you are gonna get the name in your head and remember it. With the mallrats poster u could drive, jog, even walk past it and not even realise it is for a film. You just spend the time u have to see it thinking:
"What the hell are those people doin there, one has a pretzle, one has a funny hat one.... o its gone...wonder what it was for"
At least with the others u can tell its for a movie and u dont have to think about what u r looking at cus all the people r doing in it is standing looking sexy.
Hope this post made sense. Please feel free to prove my views wrong.

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