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Posted by Neil at on August 23, 2001 at 16:58:49:

In Reply to: Well, here ya go... posted by Pseudo on August 23, 2001 at 16:35:21:

: : : Then Burton says he doesn't read comics, which is a lie…

: : Who says? He didn't say he's never read a comic book.

: : I think fanboys put way too much credence to this assumption, which seems based on little-to-no evidence to me.

: I'm a fanboy then? Well...I guess. Whatever.

I didn't mean that to sound as derisive as it clearly sounded. Sorry about that.

: "Little-to-no evidence", though?

: Look at his work! The noir, fantasy, and horror seem to be derived and inspired from various comic works. I'm sure he read them growing up. His work shows this.

Well, I don't think it's as clear-cut as that.

First of all, there are other sources where those influences can come in. Movies, cartoons, etc., without comic books.

But, as I've said, his statement wasn't that he'd never read a comic book or even that he'd never read comics regularly.

He said he DOESN'T read comic books. Even if we could hold up some hard evidence that he was as influenced by comics as you suggest – and I question – that doesn't make his statement a "lie" by any reasonable definition.

I DON'T go to Mariner High School. That's not a lie.

I did once… long, long ago. And it probably even influenced who I am personally and creatively.

Doesn't change the fact that I don't go there now.

: : : … and that he'd never read anything by Kevin Smith, which is also, more likely than not, a lie.

: : Again, that's not what he said. He said he WOULDN'T read something by Kevin.

: Yes...said this AFTER reading the blown-out-of-proportion comments by Kevin in the Post article. "Well, I'm contemplating legal action."

: When reading that, it seems serious. Yet, we're not seeing the half grin on Kevin's face, and the little swing of his fist. Body language and tone tells more than words, sometimes...yet, in a paper and on the internet, words are ALL we we can't be sure if they're tongue-in-cheek or if they're serious.

Yes, and I'm not even sure he wasn't asked by a reporter who read it to him as a straight point, taking even more of the potential irony out of it.

I don't think Burton was unreasonable in feeling angry or in making a catty remark… in fact, he was likely entirely justified.

Is it possible that he exaggerated or lied to make this point? Sure. Is it a given? I just don't think so.

: : : And Kevin's like "...which explains BATMAN." and it was pretty funny. He's not worrying about it anymore. Others are pulling this all out of him. And he's a sport, I guess.

: : Yeah, I think it was a pretty light, seemingly off-the-cuff, little joke. No big deal.

: Without a doubt.

Right on.

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