What's with Roger Ebert? My nitpick...

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Posted by AsianPersuasion at cx600006-a.hmpt1.va.home.com on August 24, 2001 at 01:32:21:

I've noticed something as I was going through Roger Ebert's reviews of the View Askewniverse. He continuously makes mistakes when referencing characters. Maybe it's just my anal retentive nature or maybe it's just him being careless. But here's some examples...

From his Clerks review:

"...his former girlfriend, Caitlin, is engaged to an 'Asian studies major.'"

Minor detail, but an error, indeed. Quite forgivable... let us continue.

From his Mallrats review:

"...there is a moment of truth when T.S. meets Stan Lee"

While T.S. did meet Stan Lee, this was in reference to the Man helping Brodie see the light.

From his Chasing Amy review:

"Chicks never tell you what to do," Holden complains. He thinks they should handle sex "like CNN or the Weather Channel--providing constant updates."

Not Holden but Banky. This was a pretty damn easy scene to remember and the scene that stuck out best in my mind when it comes to comedy. At least he didn't say that Holden and Alyssa embraced in the rain.

From his Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back review:

"And while Affleck does not play his 'Chasing Amy' character in 'Jay and Silent Bob,' Jason Lee, the co-creator of the Bluntman comic, does, turning up in this one to warn Jay and Silent Bob that the comic is being made into a movie by Miramax."

Affleck does reprise his role of Holden while Jason Lee warns Jay and Silent Bob as Brodie, not Banky. Of course, if you watch as many movies as this guy does, I bet it's easy to forget names.

Call me picky, but the guy gets paid to do this for a living. If I were getting paid, I'd make sure I got everything I wrote as accurate as possible. Oh well. I'm also, as previously mentioned, anal retentive so it probably doesn't matter. What matters, if anything, was that the guy gave the movie props with three out of four stars.

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