One reason why geeks like SDDS (see below)

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Posted by Fry at on August 24, 2001 at 00:30:10:

A quasi-techie checks in. One of the reasons, as I understand it, that
SDDS seems to be the preferred digital format for theater sound is
that there are two schemes for encoding the front channels. The first
is the traditional three-channel format of left (L), center (C) and right
(R) channels behind the movie screen. This is the same as Dolby
Digital and DTS and the same channels used for home theater DD
and DTS. SDDS also accomodates a FIVE-channel format across
the front. This means that NOT COUNTING SURROUNDS, there is a
left (L), left center (LC), center (C), right center (RC), and right (R)
channel behind the movie screen. This is provided that the film is
mixed in that format and the theater in which you see the film actually
has five speakers behind the screen. Very few theaters do. The five
channels across the front allows for a lot more flexibility in the mix. I
know that they did a 5-front channel mix of Saving Private Ryan. I
have no idea about J&SBSB. Anyway, this is one of the reasons why
sound guys like SDDS.

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