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Posted by Tenebrae at on August 23, 2001 at 23:39:15:

Ok, I am crazy nina ready. I got a pint of rum stashed in the car and figured out how to sneak out of work at four tomorrow to go see the flick. Now I have to figure out pint into theater strategy and I am home free, home free!!! Oh what a sweet viewing it will be. Me and a large rum and coke (made that choice, wanted the caffine) and the swan song of the Viewaskewnevere in front of me.

I suppose it is full circle bac to when I discovered Smith. I was hanging out in Lawrence, Kansas with no ambition towards finishing college and a friend of mine caught 'Clerks' at this art house that served the local beer (Boulevard Pale Ale...mmmmm) and said I should see it, considering I was a film school drop out. Reckon he thought I would get some deja vu. And I did.

Me and a bud of mine bought 4 beers each at the stand and trundled up the stairs to the small movie theater above (oddly enough where I also saw Pulp Fiction before it got big). We drank and laughed our asses off and all of us talked about it for weeks. (37 dicks! Hey come back here!)

My life, like Smith's was a lot different then. Of course now he has a hollywood career, comic street cred, hot wife and a wonderful child and I have a boring IT job, but I've had my own small triumphs and let downs. All I got to say is Kev if you have any pull at DC tell them to reconsider my 'Hellblazer' proposal...oh, but I digress.

Anyway, I feel like I sort of went through that midstage to last gasp of Gen X (Or whatever demographic we are part of) with Kevin. So, with that in mind, I'll cheer all the Askewers when I watch the flick tommorrow night. I have the sneaking suspiscion it was made with us in mind.

Matt C.
aka Tenebrae

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