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Posted by OedipusTex at on August 25, 2001 at 12:17:32:

But I guess many geniuses have that same problem. Anyways I just saw
JASBSB and I have to ask, why? When I first saw Clerks years ago I was
rather surprised to see that it was the funniest movie ever made. Whats more, it didnt rely on one liners or site gags for the biggest jokes. My god, it was actually an intelligent dialogue driven comedy. Then I go see Mallrats and I begin thinking, how could the same guy who made Clerks, produce this piece of crap? I figured you had put all of your creative energy into Clerks and now it was all used up. But then you made two other
comic gems (not as good as Clerks, but pretty damn good all the same) Chasing Amy and Dogma. Both of those movie respectively retained the same intellectual banter that made Clerks great. Then last night I see JASBSB,
arguably a step above Mallrats, but it's a Mallrats like movie nonetheless.
Filled with one-liners and site gags (there is nothing inherently unfunny with those long as they are done intelligently or tactfully). Most of
the jokes revolved around Jay flinging scurrilous insults and bashing
on homosexuals (it is true that both of these can be extremely funny, but
it is hardly a funny basis for an entire movie). I saw little creativity
in this movie (btw what is with that Wildlife Marshall, Im serious, he is
the live action equivalent of Jar-Jar from the Phantom Menace), the few
parts where this movie actually shown were when you used the dialogue driven comedy (esp. the Good Will Hunting scene). So anyways, I seriously doubt that you have run out of creativity, so I come to the conclusion that you actually want to make movies like Mallrats and JASBSB. My question is how came the same man who made Clerks want to make JASBSB?

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