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Posted by Roshomon at bak-66-27-224-215.bak.rr.com on August 25, 2001 at 06:53:37:

In Reply to: Free at last, free at last - thanks God Almighty posted by Kevin on August 24, 2001 at 19:37:34:

To the Smithstonians,

Grabbing the Stoners take Tinsel-Town as model, I send a little effort back our way. Or In lieu of boring the uninterested I'll vent my kudos here where it belongs--like all the rest of these glowing fans, I'll pretend someone gives a fuck about what I have to say on this unending message board and give Kevin the mad props he deserves.

I saw the film twice already and enjoyed myself immensely, and to show my appreciation I'll now proceed to slander his film anonymously, no, if only i had the metal; no, rather I think I'll write what the film made me think about. About the Universe Kev and Co. created and since the Jay and Bob movie was like the ribbons that finished the christmas wrapping on his cross-dimensional concoction I'll go ahead. Kevin seems to have gone through all the possible starting scenarios for an upstart filmaker. Follow me here. The five S's. He made the solo picture (the edgy untamed comic newcomer-on-the-scene Clerks: I've always been a Clerks man myself as far as ranking goes) then the sophmoric picture (the slapstick suprise, pleasant or what-have-you, Ratz), the silopsistic one,( c'mon at the end of Chasing Amy You can't tell me you didn't ask where the hell did that popfly come from, all right, I admit, this is disputable but if anyone bothers to read this rant, don't bother to dispute. Let's just end it on I couldn't relate to Holden's solutions or dilemmas but I liked guy as the sourpuss self-involved sell-out he was. And Salinger's Holden says you can judge whether a character is good or not by posing the question of whether or not you'd like to call him up; I'd give Holden a ring on the Don Ameche in a NY minute, despite any apprehension I might have that he could very well ask me to sleep with his girlfriend) then the sacrilegious flick (God Bless Buddy Jesus) and now the self-indulgent one (luckily, Kevin built up that fan basis of kindred souls before this one so that any self-indulgence on his part just indulged a Smith-savvy fan the more). So ends my S theory, a testamant to misdirected thinkers everywhere.
w/ kind regard,
yet another kindredspirit

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