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Posted by third nipple at 1cust79.tnt2.mccomb.oh.da.uu.net on August 25, 2001 at 05:18:54:

Looks like Entertainment Weekly finally posted their grades for this weekend's new flicks. JSBSB earns a not-too-shabby "B" while everyone's least favorite Disney picture to be named after a Seinfeld episode, Bubble Boy, is bitch slapped with an "F."

I noticed Kevin has been taking a few, light jabs at EW in his recent chat with CNN and then again in his countingdown.com interview. Is this some residual spite for EW pushing the gladly forgotten (yes, terrible pun intended) GLAAD issue? Maybe something else that's been below my radar? Anyhoo, a rag that lambastes Mr. Bubbles while cheering JSBSB can't be ALL bad, can it?

Okay. Maybe it can.

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