OK boys and girls, time to pick

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Posted by Magnolia_Fan at user-vcaumh5.dsl.mindspring.com on August 25, 2001 at 05:06:23:

We've seen them all now. Which is the best. My order and reasons are:

Chasing Amy - an insightful, thought-provoking comedy that, when I saw it here in Santa Cruz in the theater, I had no idea it had Jay and Bob in it. That was a great surprise that was only recently topped when I watched Fight Club for the first time.

Dogma - raised a Catholic, this film said everything I always wanted to say about religion, but felt too guilty to do it.

J&SBSB - Start to finish, a fun ride. I've not yet absorbed it all since I've only seen it once. Some day, it may move up.

Clerks - The one that started it all. It's still a great film, but the thing that puts it this far down on the list for me is that it is rough around the edges. The dialog holds up great for me, but the visuals do not.

MallRats - I like the movie for two reasons: It's got great Kevin Smith dialog and one of the best characters in a recent comedy ... Brodie Bruce. That being said, I feel it's a dog of a movie that could have been so much more. I watch it with the DVD commentary all the time because it has the best commentary I've heard on a disc for pure comedy, but the film by itself just doesn't do it for me.

So what are all of your picks?

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