A Modest Proposal

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Posted by Veronicas no. 38 at ip-149.ful.ppp.intop.net on August 25, 2001 at 05:02:22:

Kevin and the gang at View Askew:

I want to start by saying that I was thrilled to meet you guys in person at the convention in Chicago last weekend. Everyone was very friendly--which was a pleasant surprise. Kevin, I know you won't remember this, I was the out-of-place looking guy that let you borrow a pen when the lady stopped you right before the Green Arrow panel on Sun. You signed an autograph for here on a newspaper she had handy. You handed her the pen, she handed it back to me, I now have the pen framed on my wall....I would have asked for your autograph, but didn't want to bother you.....

Now on to my message....

I was wondering, if my friends and I made a comic book dealing mixing your ViewAskewniverse with our own little microcosm, may we send it to you?? My friends and I have always been HUGE fans of yours, and to have us immortally inked along side our favorite characters of the ViewAskewniverse would be a great honor...I am asking for your permission to use the VA characters, even though I am NOT going to sell these comic books. I would, again, like to have some way to send you this comic collection and guarantee it reaches Kevin Smith's hands...I promise that the books would keep the same guidelines that VA has set up for their characters and will be written at a quality level--which is parsecs behind your sage-like skills. Any response to this good or bad by any VA representative will be a great honor...

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