A Couple of J&SBSB Questions for Kevin *spoilers*

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Posted by Splitzy at on August 25, 2001 at 04:36:19:

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First of all let me congradulate and thank you for another excelent film. I, like everyone else here, am sad to see it all end in a quintology, but I'm very thankful for what the View Askew family has given us over the years. These movies have moved me to laugh, cry, and most importantly, to think. Thank you.

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff... on with the questions:

1) Is there actually a story about how Brodie left the Tonight Show on the "Variety" blow-up at Brodie's Secret Stash? If there was, could you post it here at the forum, or do we have to wait for the DVD?

2) Is Ethan Suplee in the flick? Almost everyone from multiple movies was in this one, but I don't remember seeing him.

3) Whose address is on the big envelope on the desk of guy from the "kick some ass" sequence at the end. I could almost make it out, but the screen was a little fuzzy.

4) The inevitable fanboy-continutiy question: What's up with the whole Suzanne sequence being ripped straight from "Chasing Dogma"? I'm not complaining or anything, I was just curious why you chose to do it almost exactly the same. *cringes as he braces himself for the flames*

And on that note my friends, we cue the music.


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