J&SBSB - Kudos to Kevin for the bext summer comedy

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Posted by DocRedfield at on August 25, 2001 at 04:01:08:

Hey Kevin -
(I apologise to all - Newbie here and sorry if this is SPAM - be gentle, I'm a weirgin) - Jay and Silen Bob STRIKE BACK was hilarious, and my finace and I just wanted to thank you for the film and the funniest flick of the summer, bar none. Course, if we said anything BAD about it, Jay and Silent Bob might come and kick our asses, but I digress... Still, I must complain - I think I'm gonna die of a hard-on - the Diamond babes in leather shots (not too mention the PJ's pizza scene) were so damn sexy I about filled MY cup. I mean, the art was in these beautiful young women looking that hot without actually showing nudity, and I applaud such tastefulness within the fare of the final Askewniverse film, but for Fuck's sake show a TIT, I'm dyin' here! Oh, thanks for a funny flick, too. Long live Smith/Bob - kneel before Zod!

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