Story About Malcolm Ingram

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Posted by Torgo at on August 25, 2001 at 03:37:13:

In Reply to: Is MALCOM LOAD, MALCOM INGRAM (sp?).......... posted by Jeff Bebe 37 on August 25, 2001 at 02:43:42:

I was at Wizard World in Chicago this past weekend. In attendence was also one Mr. Malcolm Ingram. On Saturday I was in the bathroom during the convention. I was at the urinal and I was pressed up against the cold porcelain so no one would see my miniature cock. Malcolm walked in and immediately I tensed up. I didn't want a celebrity seeing that I was hung like a pimple. I imagined Malcolm going back to the View Askew booth and telling Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith about the smallness of my member. It sounds stupid, but that's what I imagined. There were about fifteen out of the thirty stalls in the bathroom open , but to my horror, Malcolm took his place at the urinal next to me, pulling out his MASSIVE, UNCIRCUMCISED, EAST COAST COCK.

He began talkg to me and looking over into my urinal. I became uncomfortable and pee-shy, unable to urinate because of his penetrating gaze. He was staring at my shriveled dick with great intensity. I couldn't hide my penis from his strong brown eyes. I was expecting him to laugh at my organ that was no bigger than a woman's clit, but Malcolm was different. He didn't laugh like so many others had. He just stared and remained expressionless. Then, with the swiftness of a jaguar, he pushed me into an unoccupied stall and up against the wall. I was trapped and sure he was about to kill me.

Surprisingly, like a butterfly, Malcolm delicately reached down and placed his thumb and forefinger around the rim of my my glans penis. Gently rubbing and manipulating my cock and balls he brought me to full arousal. I was shocked but it felt good and I let out a soft moan as Malcolm, my dearest Malcolm, jacked me off to heights of ecstacy like no woman had ever done. There was no shame, no fear, only pleasure.

(This entire story is a lie and how dare you believe any of it. Both Malcolm and I are 100% ALL MAN.)

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