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Posted by Boo boo kitty fuck at on August 25, 2001 at 03:36:51:


Locals make point not to piss him off.

It all sort of began with the A BETTER PLACE MINI POSTER that I bought directly from VINCENT....

ĎDear Vincent Pereira, I want my money backí is not a letter (or VA wwwboard post) I think we will be seeing in the near future, certainly not in the context of the Leonardo residentís debut film- A BETTER PLACE.

Now, I would say, you have to see this movie on the big screen to fully appreciate it. But, having seen it being projected larger then me, and having just hours ago seen it on my parentís 37( no thatís not a joke) inch by 32 inch Sony, thatís not the case. This is a movie that is a great viewing experience in different ways, all equally enjoyable.

If you watch it with a audience, you get the general consensus, that everyone is captivated. I think most people could sit and watch this movie and afterwards get into real discussions. Not just ďO, Jason Lee is great, did you ever see MALLRATS ?Ē Then the conversation usually takes the turn of explaining how a 40 second conversation about putting your hand up your ass made itís way onto the big screen(for the thirty seconds it was in the theatre; donít preach to me about the flick please, I loved rats and even told Kevin on the radio how I canít see anyone NOT loving it.) and so on and so on. But REAL conversations that I donít think people like addressing these days outside of the Columbine (and other ) school shootings and gang wars. People never seem to call attention to people who havenít yet become violent.

Think of this. Not a single modern day murderer (with the exception of some creative ones who know how to physically tear limbs and attack their victims with them ) has any physical advantages over the average Joe that made it possible for them to commit murder, therefore that means anyone can be a murderer.

Your mother and father, your mailman, your dog, anyone. But people fail to realize that and like to concentrate on people that have already done stuff , like people who live in Colorado, as if thatís so fucking far away that the locals there are different kinda humans. No. They are red blooded Americanís like you and me.

Now that I have lost 50% of you do to going off on a tangent, let me bring it back.

This is (in my opinion) part of the A BETTER PLACE premise.

I could relate to Barret the whole movie, and when he says stuff, I feel like I would have said the same thing if I was in his shoes. Taking the ending into consideration, that makes me think about who I really am and what my place is in the world.

People donít like to think that much these days. Thinking is an aging past time. But A BETTER PLACE will breath life into the art of thinking. You canít watch it and just go eat dinner. Well, you can, but youíll be thinking about it. The movie stays with you.. It follows you and says hello when ever you have free time to think.

I guess what I am trying to say is, this isnít exactly THE KLUMPS.

Back to my original thought, if you watch it with a audience, thatís great. But if you watch it on dvd with the lights off and the sound way up in your basement, itís better.

Itís easily described as so- watching it at Vulgarthon, Is like being in a really good orgy. Watching it at home, is like losing your virginity to the woman you love.

The DVD is the best example Iíve ever seen( next to the MALLRATS, see see, Iím a fan) of a film receiving the justice it deserves and in this case, really really earned.

That is a nice cut to my next point. Vincent and crew and cast really worked like troops to put this out to an extent you wouldnít imagine.(Read about this in my good buddy, LYNCHís notes on the inside booklet. I wonder if they were all being fueled by the same passion Vincent obviously has for the craft and the medium( and obviously the format of dvd). Cast, yes I just said cast. Never have I seen such a great cast work so well on a independent film. Gripping, moving, well acted performances by everyone, not a single person isnít giving their all and making this realistic(fuck, he pissed in a tub! flick. I even tip my hat to Vincent, as Jake. I know he would probably like you to note how good Lee or Lynch or Eion Baily or Robert DiPatri were, and trust me, I do, they were wonderful, but Pereira did the best director acting since Do the right thing. Now donít get me wrong, he belongs behind the camera and Silent Bob is extremely extremely well acted, But I think it was smart of Vincent to play the go- along with the bully, because those roles are always overlooked by people. And when I saw him, knowing his Kier Dullea esque (spelling?) face, I really gave his character thought.

Any film fan really owes it to themselves to pick up this true work of art. Itís blood sweat tear filmmaking that not only does what every work of art and passion should do, itís just a great movie. Itís funny, a great piece of cinematography( so much so, that whenever I make my first feature length, non vhs with my friends, movie, I am going to turn to 16mm and try to get A BETTER PLACE feel to it. BEST EVER 16mm USE EVER.)

Eh, this thing is long enough. There is a cliche going around about the movie that is really a good cliche. ďI never thought a debut film could be this good.Ē Itís true. Itís a great first. I think Vincent Pereira is going places and will go down in film history. - HEY! I want that quoted!!! ok? I think people would look back to A BETTER PLACE and say ď See! See! the guy even had a good first!Ē. I really think this is a sign of great things to come. I want it to be known that I had faith in this dude from the get go.

And thatís the story of why I made sure to by a fucking poster. :)

**** and 3/4 out of 5

who I am-

Mike Caulfield is a 16 year old comic book writer from south new jersey whow wrote a batman comic that a artist will be drawing.

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