Thank you Kevin and my journey to the your world

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Posted by xanderfrohike at on August 25, 2001 at 03:22:13:

In Reply to: Free at last, free at last - thanks God Almighty posted by Kevin on August 24, 2001 at 19:37:34:


Hey man! Just got done having sex with this chick but I had to close my eyes and pretend she was Eliza Dushku to finish! Don't ask.

Anyway, I went to see your movie tonight and may I say it was the bomb! I am an avid fan of your films and in anticipation of the event, I watched the last four this week.

My friend and I thought we were gonna catch a sneak preview of it Wednesday night, but the damn movie theater's answering machine was all wrong so we were turned away. We were so pissed, we drove all the way down to Red Bank, Leonardo and Belford in the middle of the night to get our View Askewniverse fix. Now, I live about 3 hours from Jersey and we left around 10pm, so nothing was open when we got there.

But here's what we did: We stopped in Woodbridge at a friend's house for a small chronic break, and from there we went to Red Bank. What a nice little town! It was in the middle of the night and we were driving up and down Broad Street looking for the Stash. I must have been blind cause I finally just stopped the car and said, "Screw it, I'm gonna walk!" As soon as I got out of my car, I looked and right across the street was the Stash! You could hear the movie score to my life crescendo at that very moment! Too bad it was closed, but the inside of the store looked cool through the windows. hehe.

Anyway, while in Red Bank, we peeked into Jack's and took a drive down Mechanic Street and walked along the road Holden and Alyssa argued on. That kind of shit is awesome for a movie buff like myself.

Next we drove over to Leonardo and let me say you must be happy to not have to work there anymore. The King's Highway screwed us up so bad. But finally we found Quick Stop and RST Video. I expected to see all sorts of cops bust out when we pulled up but nobody bothered us. All I did was lean against the wall and smoke a Red. That was great!

Our last stop was the Marina Diner in Belford. I figured we could stop by and get some breakfast before our long journey home. And, of course, I wanted to sit at the booth that you told the Chasing Amy story. But, of course, the restaurant (which, mind you, has a freakin sign that says OPEN 24 HOURS) was closed. So we hit another diner run by a bunch of Arabians and headed home.

The next time I come down, it'll be during the day so at least I can give the Stash some cash and get a membership to RST video. But it was nice to visit your world before I saw the movie. The movie was awesome, but the trip made it all that much better.

Since I've held your attention this long, let me take this last paragraph to thank you so much. Your movies in the View Askewniverse are some of the funniest classic comedies I've ever seen. And I totally respect your wishes to end it all now, especially after seeing the movie. What a gift to the fans! There were so many injokes that even Ebert couldn't understand who was who and what the hell was going on(judging from the review hehe). I was so happy to see all the characters from the last movies to see what they're up to. Like Holden living in a building that says Potser's on the outside. And Dante and Randal. And Brodie's Secret Stash!! And the slight reference to Banky's much-argued sexuality! And Alyssa and Trish going to the movie together. With Willem(Scott) wandering around outside. And that great part about who would go see a movie about Jay and Silent Bob where you guys and Affleck all smile at the audience. I laughed so hard through this movie. Man, I could go on forever but I'd hate to give anything away to anyone who hasn't seen this great flick. Because I see this flick as you thanking us and now we can all return the favor.

Thank you Kevin!!!


PS Going to go see it again tomorrow with a bunch of my friends!

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