NOVICE KEVIN FANS? that sounds GAY nt

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Posted by Boo boo kitty fuck at on August 25, 2001 at 03:13:30:

In Reply to: Well, not everybody liked it...... posted by ?Nubian? on August 25, 2001 at 03:08:49:

: I however loved it!!! The theater I went to was packed, and surprisingly was filled with 13-24 year olds, yes really Young kids are going!!! Hmm, I don't remember parents sitting by them??? Isn't that funny? Kinda remember what Happened to Kiss when lot's of children starting going to concerts? They also had comics, dolls, movies? Oh wait you guys have all of that too!! Well Here's hoping you don't start losing members of the cast and completedly disappear of the face of the earth for half a decade!

: I think some of the younger people cringed as they saw **** what the hell am I doing?? I don't want to spoil anything!!

: Ok I'll try to contain myself, but I've been drinking and I think my liver has just called it a night.

: With all the old Star Wars™ cast members showing up, I was surprised not to see Harrison Ford, oh well, You did however manage a Judd Nelson performane!!!!!!!!! "You see this!, You get this when you spill paint in the garage" Well not a direct quote, but I'm sure most people know that line!!

: Where was the next movie coming out line?? I wait till the end of the movie, and yes there are still surprises (I noticed novice Kevin Smith fans walking out before the credits were finished) But no mention of the next movie. Well at least the Clerks Cartoon!! Whoo Hooo!!

: I'm saddened by no showing more of the ladies barefeet when they had the leather on!! Oh Well, I was hoping maybe you might quick rip off a Quentin Terintino shot, or you have been paying attention to Howard Stern's Tickle chair. Ah the live of a person with a foot fetish, so easy to see it in public, so hard to get the "good" tapes in private. (and fucking expensive too!)

: My girlfriend didn't really like the movie though, oh well!! She loves Chasing Amy and Clerks though!!

: Thanks for the Great movie!! Finally Money well spent!!, You still should have been a director up on the chair in the, Clerks animated series, courtroom seen!!

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