Re: Jay and Silent Bob have left the building... (sob)

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Posted by krondoja at on August 25, 2001 at 03:01:50:

In Reply to: Jay and Silent Bob have left the building... (sob) posted by LordPenis on August 24, 2001 at 20:13:56:

Im with you man... thats wrong. But fuck it it doesn't have to go down like that for us fans. I say we sart writing fan fiction. I know that it's only done for comics and sci fi and shit like that, but damned-ed it the Askewneverse hasn't developed quiet a little following. Plus the universe itselfe as been explored pretty in-depth enough for anyone (who has seen all the movies) to have an understainding of the "rules" and, and characters. With that said I'm gonna write up a story with Brodie (cuz he's the fucking MAN), and Shaka Luther King (cuz Chris Rock is funnier than all hell) and Traci Morgan (the real Traci Morgan, not the character he played in JSBSB).

: So, that's that, eh?
: Thusfar, I have not seen any movie that has entertained me more than those of View Askew... with the possible exception of The Breakfast Club.
: Today, when I went to my local theater to see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, I watched it, enjoyed it immensely, and I stayed in my seat until the credits stopped rolling so I could see the message at the end. I knew
: it was the end of Jay and Silent Bob, but when I saw the text "Jay and Silent Bob have left the building"... I changed from happy to melancholy.
: I can't let Jay and Silent Bob or any other New Jersey character leave
: my life, for, I'm seriously afraid that I have no other joy. I have read in various areas that an animated movie fashioned after the short-lived (but kick-ass) CLERKS show called Clerks: Sellout is being talked about at the moment, but might not follow through. Will there ever, even for a cameo, be another occurrence of Jay and Silent Bob, or any of the other New Jersey characters in the next few years?

: Eric Townsley

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