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Posted by Saves The Day at spider-tl034.proxy.aol.com on August 25, 2001 at 02:59:08:

Damn THAT WAS A FUCKING AMAZING MOVIE SHIT SHIT SHIT I'M CREAMING AS WE SPEAK PEOPLE, U DON'T UNDERSTAND, the constant references were badass,MAN KEVIN YOU ARE A GENIUS , JAY AND BOB'S ABSENSE WILL BE DEEPLY DEEPLY MOURNED IN SCRANTON PA, I LOVED THE ALANIS MORISETTE THING IN THE END ME AND MY FRIENDS ARE WRITING A MOVIE INSPIRED BY OUR LOVE FOR YOUR ART....although i didn't see the secret about jay and silent bob's past that was supossed to be revieled like they say in the plot summary on the jay and bob strike back website also it seemed like it supposed to take place i guess sometime after the day at the mall because they walk away with suzanne at the end of mallrats and i'm assuming the whole strike back ordeal happened between when the game show was over and when they all left the mall and when they walk down the street with suzanne and on the quick stop in the beginning it says on it "i assure you, we're open" BUT they reference dogma and mallrats in the movie as well as the fact that chasing amy takes place 2 years after mallrats (as said in the chasing amy DVD booklet) but holden and banky were both in it and the blunt man and chronic comic book thing was supossed to already have happened so that doesn't make sense
oh, and also it says on the big blown up newspaper in "brodie's secret stash" that brodies quits the tonight show which means it has to be a few years after mallrats
damn i have no life

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