What a kick ass birthday present!

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Posted by Jerm824 at 1cust78.tnt1.georgetown.tx.da.uu.net on August 25, 2001 at 02:14:37:

OK so Smith doesn't know me or anything, but this movie came out on my birthday! I've never had a kick ass movie come out on my birthday before. How cool. Yeah you may think I'm lame but I think a great movie like this is a damn good present. I'm gonna miss the hell out of Jay and Silent Bob though.

PS-Some advice for those either too busy or poor not to have seen the movie yet (besides "Go see it soon, man."): If you haven't seen all of Smith's previous work, or have only seen his work a few times, do yourself a favor and hold a Kevin Smith film festival in your home before seeing Jay and Silent Bob Strike back. Trust me. It makes the film that much more fun to watch.

One final note, Smith says he wants us to help make the movie number one at the box office. I'll be seeing the movie a few more times (which I was planning to anyway). Even if it doesn't top the box office, I hope it at least beats the crap out of Bubbleboy. Don't get me started on how much I hate that film.

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