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Posted by MattM at on August 23, 2001 at 19:50:57:

I live in Wilmington NC. Quite the little film town. Ive been recently
watching some local TV that showcases peoples short films, and been
watching some DVDs with peoples first shorts/films on them. And its pretty
much commonplace for them to just be bad. Every time I watch one, I'm
impressed with Clerks more. Quite a good first stab. Mallrats I love,
because it was what introduced me to Smith films (I saw it on ABC, the GOOD
version! With the great Jay voice dubs). I bought the film just from
seeing it on ABC. Then as I got into my own interest in film due to a
purchase of a DV camera and the push of a cinematographer family friend,
Smiths talent really appealed to me. The likes of Smith and Wes Anderson
most impress me. BottleRocket and Clerks were incredible films, and their
first ones too. They have their own unique styles and stay true to them.
And with something like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the funniest films
are the ones that are made for you and your friends (All of mine). So I
would say its a fuller experience than a movie made for the general public.
Smith's inclusion of philosophy of religion is also interesting for a
filmmaker so young. (I'm 18, I use the term lightly) My pops is a "public
philosopher" (He does speaches, writes books...gave smith a copy of
Philosophy For Dummies when he was in Wilmington to talk, due to his
impressions on Dogma. I was dead sick and showed anyways.) But here's to
a bright future of different sorts of films (Hopefully with Jason

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