JSBSB Crew Thanks and a Question

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Posted by LeeJackson at adsl-81-153-149.asm.bellsouth.net on August 25, 2001 at 02:04:30:

Kevin and the Gang,

I do have a question but first I have to say thank you.

I have been having a really shit couple of weeks. I might lose my job, my Dad (who I work for) and myrelationship which was never good is going down the tubes, my mom (who lives in Boston)’s MS is getting worse, I am having girlfriend problems, and while I have been living in Atlanta for two years working hard for a small company has given me few social options to help relive the stress. I went and saw your movie twice today and for several hours today all my problems were gone. JSBSB was exactly what I needed.

I was totally surprised how strongly I reacted. I have been a fan of your movies (or of Chasing Amy, Clerks and to so extent Dogma) but have never really felt to strongly about Jay and Silent Bob. But when the last still picture of them was shown, I realized I will miss them, especially after what “they” have done for me today. Like good friends you don’t realize what they meant to you until they are gone.

I had so much fun during this film, I really had a good time. I felt (and I know it will sound weird) but like I belong, like I was with Jay and Bo on there last adventure (yes I know that sounds very strange). It really lifted me up out of my funk, and though I know you didn’t make the movie for me I just wanted to say thank you to every one who made it possible. It made my week.

Now for my question “why did you choice not to get Holden and Alysa back together?”
I am just an old romantic at heart and since I heard both of them would be in JSBSB I was hoping they would be together. Now I know you have said that “the realist” knows that they will not get back together, but you also said “banky is not gay”. While I agree with your idea of sexuality on a continuum a 100% it is pretty obvious at the end of the film Banky is currently being with a man. To me Alysa and Holden not getting back together was the only down note (and very minor at that) in which was a very up lifting send off to the view askew crew. So I am just wondering why?

Thanks again and good luck in your future endeavors.


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