Thanks Kev (or Stroking Off Kevin Smth)

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Posted by D. Ney at on August 25, 2001 at 01:38:46:

In Reply to: Free at last, free at last - thanks God Almighty posted by Kevin on August 24, 2001 at 19:37:34:

Kevin - every time I write some reply to this board, I get too lazy to do the login information, but I've been lurking here regularly for about three years and have been a View Askew fan since Clerks because "snowball" was an amazing term to a 15 year old.

I'm writing now as a hardly wizened 22 year-old because I see a lot of myself in you, as I think most people on this board do, and today I got this overwhelming sense of almost paternal pride as I watched the papers review the film and saw all the buzz about it online and at work today. It made me think that if ten years from now, I'm doing something akin to what you are, I'd kinda like to hear good things about it. So, though peopel talk to you every day via this web site, I'm throwing my commentinto the heap and sincerely hoping some part of it gets to your face.
All your fucking money must be nice, but as I'm sure you learned through the awesome support of folks on this site, true approval from people who "get it" is much better. Why on earth would God have given us egos if they didn't feel so good to stroke? (Though foreskin works against that theory.)The reason I'm really proud isn't for all the reasons we all usually talk about on here, a movie being "fucking funny" or you telling GLAAD to suck it (Disclaimer: Telling GLAAD to suck it is not appropriate.) Kevin, what you have done for many of us is give us...A New Hope. Hope that the world isn't something we fit into, it's something we fit around. When I look at my lawyer father with complete confusion as to how he lives his life, and wonder how I sprang from his pleated pants, I no longer feel like I'm wrong and out of step for it. I feel like maybe I'm just more on the Kevin Smith side of things, including but not limited to a fondness for snack cakes and playing Musical Waistline measurements every few months.
Consoling myself by thinking about your career has, to my surprise, been a constant in the last few years for me as I try to figure out what the hell I should do with my life. Now I was hardly Teddy Duchamp before you came along, but as I forge ahead with my own ambitions of being a writer and/or televantriloquist, I think about how your fucking crystalline honesty has propelled you to not only a point where all the View Askewers love and support you, but you're getting to realize your artistic dreams on a larger scale, all while balancing it with Jennifer and Harley (who like supercoolfucks are in on it all too and digging it...rare shit, though this is tentative til the kid starts really talking). It's just really cool, I envy and quest for it, and I hope you can still see things from this side of the fence. Also, while you joke about being a lucky bastard, realize everyone is a lucky bastard at soem poit in their lives, and you have withstood where others failed due to your unflinching inability to be anyone but yourself. That ain't luck, it's honesty and as Gary Condit proved last night people know it when they see it. Thanks. Seriously. Good luck with the opening numbers, if tonight's showings in the San Francico area were any indication you'r going to do great. Here's to the next level of this thing for you, and for the people like me who feel like there's a level worth striving to because of you. Cheers

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