JSBSB supposed continuity errors (repost)

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Posted by Moon Raper at spider-wg034.proxy.aol.com on August 25, 2001 at 01:23:32:

People are starting to complain about how the movie doesn't fit into the Askewniverse beacuse there's characters from Mallrats in it, yet it also references Mallrats as if its a movie. And Dogma supposedly occurs in the Askewniverse, but its also referenced as a movie. Well, I've come up with a logical (barely) explanation.

Here's the full repost:
A little while ago I heard people complaining on the board about how it is ridiculous that Alyssa Jones says "At least it was better than Mallrats" when there are characters in JSBSB that are the same characters they were in Mallrats.

They're argument was, if Brodie is there then the events in Mallrats really happened, so how could it also be a movie? I was thinking about this at work (long ass boring day) and have come to a reasonable (barely) explanation.

Pretend for a moment you're Brodie Bruce. One minute you're hanging out at the mall, the next moment you're the host of the freakin' Tonight Show for Christ's sake. All the press is going to be wondering, "Where the hell did he come from? What's going on here?!" In interviews Brodie will constantly be hounded to tell everyone how he was discovered, and how he became a talk show host. And over and over, to every two-bit hack reporter he meets he'll have to explain the same story about how he crashed the game show, and why he crashed the game show, ect.

Finally one day Brodie gets fed up with telling the same story over and over. He decides he needs to write a movie about how he became the host of the Tonight Show to finally put an end to the questions. He calls it "Mallrats". However, Brodie gets a tip from his identical cousin Banky Edwards that Jay and Silent Bob would sue for likeness rights, so in Brodie's "Mallrats" Jay and Silent Bob are not present (necessary, because no one has heard of Jay and Bob in JSBSB).

The "Mallrats" Alyssa Jones is talking about, is not the Kevin Smith movie that was made in real life, but is the Brodie Bruce movie that was made in the Askew-niverse.

And here's the explanation for Dogma:

The events in Dogma happen exactly the way they do in the movie. Serendipidity, in her writer's block state, decided she could end the block by writing a movie based on the events surrounding the plenary indulgence loophole. She writes a movie and calls it "Dogma". Matt Damon is referring to Serendipidity's "Dogma". Looking for a PG-13 rating, the studio opted to edit out Jay and Silent Bob from the final script.

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