J&SBSB ROCKED!!!! + questions & clarifications

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Posted by GrayGh0st at cc44198-b.owml1.md.home.com on August 25, 2001 at 01:21:04:


not a very big spoiler, just a question really but I don't know what people would want to know or not...

Hola boys and girls. I just saw the movie tonight and I loved it!!!!! I do have to say though, seeing it with my girlfriend kinda sucked because she's not really into the whole saga as I am, so I couldn't really talk to her about it very much.

But nevertheless, I LOVED IT!!!!! I want to see it again. I agree with everyone in saying that Jason Mewes has definately come a long way, he did an excellent job, as did everyone in the movie.

Again, agreed with everyone in saying that all the new jokes were wonderful as well as the old jokes. It was awesome to see all the old characters again. I think the film did a wonderful job of tying up all loose ends with all the characters. I'll tell ya, I didn't expect to see Shannon Doherty and Renee Humpfrey (please excuse mispellings), that was a real nice surprise!

I have a question. In the last scene with Will Farrel and Jason Lee, Will puts his arm around Jason and Jason says something about not kissing guys, the next thing that Will says to him, which produces a very convincing and seemingly real laugh out of Jason, was that an improv on Will's part? Sure seemed like it.

Now, what's with the rumors about the cartoon and another J&SB film?? Are these just rumors? Have they been confirmed? What are Kevin's future film plans?

If anyone could answer any of these questions, that'd be awesome!!!! And again, to Kevin - the film rockeD!!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!!


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