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Posted by nans at on August 25, 2001 at 00:44:10:

In Reply to: Re: As I return home from the flick, some thoughts... posted by nans on August 25, 2001 at 00:34:52:

: : This of course is of no consequence whatsoever, just my thoughts after watching 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back'. I'd been reading a lot of the reviews on the film, that basically stated that the movie was a bunch of Kevin's Film Maker friends poking fun at the industry that allows them to break bread every night. And after seeing the movie, I realize that this comment is actually true, but what most of those who reviewed this movie did; was ignore the fact that it is one in a series of five, and to be treated as such.

: : The majority of these critics, who will tear down Mallrats for its childish 'Dick and Fart' humor, must have slept through most of the film because they were unable to realize that thats all its supposed to be. A laid back laugh at how seriouslly people can take things. This film managed to pull together so much continuity from all of the other view askew movies, as well as the work of the actors who were involved. If anything this movie was a celebration for the good work everyone has done, and a look back at all the fun they had in the process.

: : Yes, Jay and Silent Bob have indeed left the building, but what this opens up is a place where young writers can look forward and see that all you have to do is follow a good idea, and you'll get where you want to go. True you might have to sock the dick off a security guard at Miramax. But hey, thats show business.

: : First momment out of the theater, I was on my cell to my friend who couldn't come see it tonight because of football practice, but I can assure you, after what I saw tonight, we'll both be in line to see it again. Good work Kevin, and congratulations on five excellent films and a universe brought to life by your creativity.

: : Can't wait to see what comes next now that the Jay and Silent Bob saga is over.

: : Matt Egan

: : P.S. Afleck was the bomb in phantom yo.

As I returned home from the flick I realized this movie was the first I've gone out to see in a theatre in almost a year. Well worth it! Kevin Smith=genius! ALl his creative flicks from start to continuing are incredible. The more stupidly foul-mouthed Jay gets the more I fall in love w/ his dumb ass. I've developed a bit of a crush-yes I am a woman. I did not stop laughing even for a moment during the film, neither did any of the others in the audience. People were not only laughing asses off, but applauding every truly hilarious element(s) in the movie.Please (Kevin) keep making movies that get my boyfriend out of the house and give us shit to laugh at all the way home!!! GRACIAS

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