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Posted by freddie4 at cbl040.pool011.ch001-glendale.dhcp.hs.earthlink.net on August 24, 2001 at 23:50:57:

I just returned home from the theater after seeing the star studded
extravaganza that is "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". Kevin and the
rest of the View Askew Universe ---- You have outdone yourself. I
have been following your movies since I first saw "Clerks" at the
North Park Theater in Buffalo, NY while I was living at home going to
college. I wondered if I would ever be able to make movies and
figured that since everyone told me I couldn't then I probably fuckin
couldn't. I lived in Buffalo for Christ Sakes. You have continually
inspired me time and time again. You actually MAKE MOVIES and
you do it your way. I'm not sure everyone got the movie in the theater
that night, but I loved it. It was funny and had no redeeming
messages. It was just a fuckin good time. I have managed to turn on
a number of people to your films.

Back to the movie. It made me laugh so hard that I still have a
headache right now. I am definitely going to see it again. It was
unapologetic, rude, crude and hilariously funny. How did you get all
those people to agree to be in this and continually poke fun at
themselves? Thank you especially for being one of the only people to
finally have Chris Rock be funny in the movies. Does no one know
how to put him in funny sequences besides you? Funny in Dogma
and hilarious in this flick. Thanks for making this one for your fans.
Although I'm growing older and look forward to your career of films
beyond this universe, I did enjoy this final rip roaring adventure.

That's it. I work for Disney, so I have to go to work early in the am on
the West Coast here in Burbank. I sympathize and especially love the
digs on Disney in this flick.

Thanks again for the inspiration and I hope one day I can make films
that make other people want to make films. That's what you've done
for me. Continued success to you and the rest of View Askew.

AND to anyone else reading this :

SEE THE MOVIE and then see it AGAIN! Here's hoping you make me
money in the HSX. I bet big on "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back".
Number 1 here we come!!!

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