Impressed by the movies of Kevin Smith

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Posted by proto at on August 24, 2001 at 23:48:03:

I'm sure this has been said multiple times yet today. I still have to say, I was majorly impressed with this movie. Mr. Kevin Smith... you are amazingly full of comedy ideas. I laughed so hard I almost threw up a few times. I really relate to your movies Kevin. I admit I hadn't started into this little cult of Jay and Silent Bob until I saw Mallrats, and I haven't seen Chasing Amy, but I saw Clerks and Dogma, now this. Yeah, I think the movies are awsome. My group of friends and I can really relate to the guys in Mallrats. We sit around and philosophise about the world and society and things and we just talk about subjects no one really cares about. Most people think we waste our time, but I think the intellectual challange of figuring out pointless things are what keeps us so different from everyone else. The guys in Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob's stupid antics, the guys from Mallrats. Those kindof things we do on a day to day basis. No we aren't potheads, but we are J&SB fans. I loved Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I would go again, maybe even three times. Kevin, I hope to see another movie or two from you. I like your stuff. You might not care, but my friends and I are big into british comedy, and b-movies, and stuff like what you do. Thing is, we write movie scripts. I myself write music but on the side I help my friends with movie scripts. We have some serious stuff as well as comedy, and our comedy is just like your movies, employed with a little british comedy, complements of me. I'm a Monty Python fan. Anyway, would you do one of our movies if we came up with a good outline, not necessarily a script but an outline? Probably not, but I just wanted to ask. So anyway. I think if you had music, or even the band from Clerks do the soundtrack for J&SBSB it would have been so much beter. That still blows my mind, Prince, not to throw off the subject or anything, but that Prince, or whatever he calls himself now, is such a cool guy. His music just hurts, it's terrible, no offence to anyone at all, but he seems to be a really cool guy. Well, I'm pretty much done with my rambling. I hope you reply to this Kevin... it's actually good to see someone important who actually talks to their fans. It makes me happy there is someone out there who isn't all impressed with themself too much to think they are too good to talk to fans. I salute you Kevin Smith, but not really because I don't like the military. So I'll give you the Buddy Christ gesture. I did like how you ripped into catholics, I myself am a believer of christ, but I don't like catholic beliefs too well, and I think that the buddy christ was a really good way to say that the catholic church will do whatever it takes to get a dollar for the church. Oh yeah, you should have said something in the movie of what happened with Dante and if he ended up with either of the girls. Thank you Kevin Smith for the greatly impressive movies. I hope to see more of them. If anyone has read this far, you must be bored or a quick reader, sorry for my long of writing. I just had a lot to say. Oh yeah, check out my URL... me and my friend write a cartoon strip on the internet.

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