Re: They Wouldnt let us in!! *GOOD*

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Posted by JediPilly at on August 24, 2001 at 23:17:02:

In Reply to: They Wouldnt let us in!! posted by LocoDuck on August 24, 2001 at 23:04:46:

: We got turned away from the movie because General Cinemas would not amit us
: on the basis that they do not admit children under six into R Rated
: movies!?!? Our daughter is 8 months old for crying out loud!!!
: I wrote the company an email in anger, and you'll love the response!!?
: They didnt let us in not based on what our daughter might take from the
: film, but because she might disrupt the movie!? Isnt that a bit
: discriminatory!?!?
: Kevin dont go to General Cinemas with Harley, you'll get turned away!
: Kevin if you are curious to see the actual emails from me to the company
: and them to me, let me know.
: Well the preview looked good, hope I get to see the flick!
: May the box office Gods be with you!
: Michael Duron
: home of the Jay and Silent Bob art of the month Gal

Quit your complaining Lady. I work at a General Cinema, and do you know how many complaints we used to get when people bring little kids in? Then, the people complain enough, and we have to refund their money. And why the heck are you bringing an 8 month old to the movies anyways. Be a responsible parent and find a babysitter. So unless you are willing to refund any and all customers that complain when your baby cries, and it will, then don't complain about a company that is looking out for the best intrest of all of the movie going public, and not just irresponsible parrents.

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