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Posted by Giovanna at on August 24, 2001 at 23:16:21:

In Reply to: They Wouldnt let us in!! posted by LocoDuck on August 24, 2001 at 23:04:46:

: They didnt let us in not based on what our daughter might take from
: film, but because she might disrupt the movie!? Isnt that a bit
: discriminatory!?!?

Discriminatory? Get a grip!
What RIGHT do you have to bring a BABY into a MOVIE that the child
can't understand? What is a film to you - some McDonalds of
entertainment for the lowest denominator, where you get to act
greasy with howling babies?
The FILM is for ADULTS. The ADULTS pay (in my city) $9 per ticket...
and you would infringe upon their rights to enjoy the movie because
you have a BABY and don't want to get a babysitter?

Does your 8month old NEED to be in a dark movie theater? What is
she getting out of it? Nothing - but the PARENTS get to avoid paying
a BABYSITTER to watch their child properly!

Yay General Cinemas! Hooray enforcing decorum!
Keep crying babies out of the movie theater!
Keep out cheap-ass people who won't give a babysitter a couple of
dollars, but would rather their child gurgled and got upset by cheering
to hurt MY enjoyment of the movie!

Whatever happened to respect for others,
respect for film as art,
and simple parenting ?

In Oakland/Berkeley, the "Lakeside" has a "baby night" where babies
are welcome. It's pretty cool, actually. Everyone knows to expect a
baby will cry/spit up/mess diapers, etc. etc., and they keep the lights
on a little low.

So, here's a solution for you:
Why don't you get a group of parents to "rent" a movie theater for a
night where you tote your howling, dripping, body fluid messy babies
into the theater so you folks can mess up your own movie night - just
stay away from mine!

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