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Posted by BERSERKER8270 at on August 24, 2001 at 22:56:31:

In Reply to: that's fucking stupid rance. posted by TedHenderson on August 24, 2001 at 22:47:34:

: whatever, rance. you sound like a fucking moron. You go mail your shitty ticket. You sad, big fat fucking loser... for more of my assholic ways, i wrote another message on the boards!

: : Like everyone here I'm a big Askew Fan in fact I spent most of the week watching the the four other films in prepartion for JASBSB. Now I found it to be exactly what I was expecting and a great flick. Though I did find the opening scenes a little cheesy especially that part with Brodie. I think it sums everything up in a nice little bow so to speak and a great ending to the chronicles. Those who look to deep into this movie will be let down because its meant for pure enjoyment and yes that includes fart jokes so take it as it is meant to be.

: : One thing I must say and even if you hate this movie you have to admit Jason Mewes did an astounding job carrying ( I thought Kevin was just saying that in all his interviews) the movie. As the only speaking actor for many scenes he did a great job. Way to go Jason.

: : So to my idea, I'm signing my ticket stub and mailing it to Askew. Why? Well lets face this movie is going to lack the broad appeal that todays cynical audience loves and though I think it will do great this weekend (its not opening against much) and rake in at least a solid 20Million (more than enough for the number one spot) I don't think it will stay up there (Lets all hope I'm just a shithead and don't know what the hell I'm talking about). So just in case this movie does as poorly as Mallrats I'd still like to show the people at Askew that yes it was worth the effort and yes there are those out here that enjoy what they do. I think a few thousand movie stubs from across the country will do just that.

I think it's a good Idea so piss off u WANKER!!!

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