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Posted by miaka at on August 24, 2001 at 22:18:56:

In Reply to: Free at last, free at last - thanks God Almighty posted by Kevin on August 24, 2001 at 19:37:34:

At the expense of sounding like the rabid fangirl that I am.. Here goes!

I'm a first time poster and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your
films Kevin. I rushed home from work to go see 'Jay and Silent Bob
Strike Back'. I laughed until my sides and my head ached. I thought
the number of cameos, in-jokes, and satire was amazing! It was also
great to see Harley Quinn at the beginning, she's adorable!

I was disappointed to see that it was just me, my three friends and
two other people in the theater. Granted it was one of the smaller
ones in town.. I've checked for a review in the local paper and there's
nothing so far. I hope to see that this movie does better than
expected. I'm aiming to gather friends to go see it again very soon.

Anyway, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say 'thank you' for
making such hilarious films!

: There should be plenty more, but those are the ones I have handy.

: Not bad, I say. Not bad at all. Even the reviews that aren't kind point
out that it's a funny movie for somebody, if not them.

: Well, except that one critic who wrote the review Ming linked below.
Yipes - what an unhappy cuss.

: I've gotta say, though - one of my favorite reviews was the 0 star
Newsday review. Granted, it's historic for us (our first!), but that's not
what does it for me. What does do it for me is the fact that it pointed
out folks were applauding during the screening. Shit, that's a classy
admission for a critic who hated the movie.

: Here at View Askew, even in defeat, we're able to find a little victory.

: So....

: What the hell are you doing sitting here reading this? Get your ass
to the nearest theater and go see 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back'!

: And pray to your respective gods for a sweet opening weekend.

: Me? I'm looking for ten to fifteen mill.

: I think we can do it.

: And a closing thought: most of the reviews I read (especially the
negative ones) point out that this movie is for folks who liked our
other movies. And that sentiment is correct. I made this movie for
you guys as much as I did for me - probably more for you, actually.
Please enjoy the flick, with my humble thanks. You put us where we
are today - and I'm so very grateful for that every moment of my
blessed life.

: And now that this flick's out of my hair, let's spend some quality time
together, shall we? It's been too long.

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