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Posted by The Warrior at a010-0217.cmb2.splitrock.net on August 24, 2001 at 21:38:41:

Hey kids. A little background on me, I have been banned from Aint It Cool News a record fourteen times for being an asshole. Also, other than the Mallrats movie, I'm not a fan of your precious Kevin Smith...that is, until today.

I heard that this guy had made a movie that was a fuck-you to internet assholes. I am an internet asshole. I am a bitter, angry, basement dweller who enjoys nothing more than throwing hateful and gleefully anonymous barbs at celebrities and various other fucks. My insane ramblings have become quite the staple of AICN. I use many a signature phrase to liven up my diatribes. I refer to Knowles as "The Bloated Sell-Out," I refer to Clooney as "That fucking haircut," and, I refer to Smith-movie darling, Jason Lee as a "Clownshoe." I've called other people clownshoes also, but there's something about that Lee guy I think just screams out obersize, comedy footwear. I started calling him that in regards to rumors of his being Fletch in the new Fletch movie. I'd direct you over to that diatribe, but, alas, I've been banned about eight times since then and when you get banned all your work gets deleted. take my word for it.

My point: I see this Jay and Silent Bob movie, and there, lo and behold, one of the internet fucks uses one of my signature catch phrases. He called those two stoner fucks "clown shoes." That's some funny shit.

Good luck with the movie, Smith. That Jesus movie you made was a festering pile of shit, and this new movie was actually pretty funny. Way to bounce back. I'm the famous internet jerk off waiting for Jay and Silent Bob to sucker punch me. They can't take me. See you in Hell.

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