I went and saw Jay & Bob, because I got high... (S

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Posted by TheGreger at cx590266-c.phnx3.az.home.com on August 24, 2001 at 21:23:24:

Saw the first showing of J&SBSB this afternoon at my local 30-plex. That movie fuckin' rocks, I gotta tell ya. The theater wan't packed (School has started here, but there were a few kids that showed up) but it was over half full for a two hundred seat theater. And at least half of them were from American Express corporate building across the street. AMEX loves the Bob.

I have to see it again because I missed a bunch of jokes because I and/or we were laughing so much. I'll try and go again this weekend to get Kev an extra 6 bucks.

Loved the Good Will Hunting 2 scene and Jay's rap at the beginning. My fiancee's favorite part was the very end when Alanis showed up. She thought she was the fairy from Fractured Fairy Tales (she hasn't seen Dogma yet, I'M WORKIN' ON IT!). She also liked when Holden called the boys "Chuckleheads", becasue that's her favorite word.

At the end of the film I sneaked into the later showing in the big 500+ theater and it was pretty packed. So my guess for tthe Box Office take for the weekend will be 17,200,000 dollars.

But, I have to say it was so sweet for me to see the film in the same 30-plex I once portrayed The Man himself in a short film called "Film Club".

Thanks Kevin for a great film.


Life's been good to me so far...

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