Read 3 bad reviews, SAW 1 FANTASTIC MOVIE

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Posted by DARQSTORM at on August 24, 2001 at 21:19:50:

In Reply to: Free at last, free at last - thanks God Almighty posted by Kevin on August 24, 2001 at 19:37:34:

So what if this movie wasn't the intellectual chatterbox that Kevin's previous movies were. It was still TOO DAMN FUNNY and entertaining. SNAP - that's what a freakin movie is suppose to be. All of Kevin's movies have been this way. AND GOOD LORD - If I read another freakin critic whine about homophobic dialogue or sexist rantings, I am going to stab myself in the brain with an ice pick (thanks Y2J for that line.) The thing that kills me is that not one of the reviews I read made comment of the Chris Rock's user of the word nigger. Why's that? Because if you're black, it's alright to shout out "nigger this" or "nigger that". And if you haven't publicly come out of the closet, you can't make any homosexual comments. (Reminds me of a South Park episode where they say the word shit over 160 times and Garrison, being an open homosexual, is the only one who can make homosexual jokes.) It's freakin retarded.

Anyhow - as everyone else has said on the board so far, the movie was great. Definitely have to see it again because I know I missed some jokes the first time around.

And when the time comes to release the DVD, don't jerk us around with a water down copy and then a Special Edition copy. Provide the goods in one, huge, sweet package. Because I know there's plenty of funny stuff that was left on the editing floor.

Morris Day and the Time kicked ass. I couldn't see, but was Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis there too?

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