*shells out his six bucks for the flick* SPOILERS*

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Posted by Badassfuckinetta at adsl-63-206-119-157.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net on August 24, 2001 at 21:14:38:

In Reply to: Free at last, free at last - thanks God Almighty posted by Kevin on August 24, 2001 at 19:37:34:

: And a closing thought: most of the reviews I read (especially the negative ones) point out that this movie is for folks who liked our other movies. And that sentiment is correct. I made this movie for you guys as much as I did for me - probably more for you, actually. Please enjoy the flick, with my humble thanks. You put us where we are today - and I'm so very grateful for that every moment of my blessed life.

Thank you so much for yet again a very funny movie, Kevin. The audience applauded quite a few times during the movie (at the arrivals of characters, at a few suprise jokes, etc.). I laughed my ass off--slapped my knee a few times (I do that, yeah) and probably should shave for a few days do to by aching cheeks (could be true since I have sensitive skin). Funny still was staying for the end credits and seeing the clean-up crew dance along to the Afroman song as they came in. All in all a great time. A big audience for a matinee, and seeing your movie premiere at my local multiplex in the theater's biggest stadium-seated auditorium with the 50 foot panavision screen shows just how far your vision's popularity has come.

But apart from that I thank you so much for sticking around all these years with us. And I thank you so much for starting this forum to boot! The first time I ever posted on here was at a really bad time in my life, when I was caring for my mom, not having a permenant residence, balancing all that scress with school, etc. I was very unsure and scared and about a month after all this started I surfing the computer in the school library I found this board through your site (I never saw a message board before either--your site was basically the lure of all things internet to me). I was really excited about finding it since I was a huge admirer of your work--I loved "Clerks", I would watch "Mallrats" while writing school papers because for some reason it made me focus, and "Chasing Amy" was my favorite movie. I posted something simple, and came back the next day all excited and actually found a response from you. It blew me away, to put it bluntly. I so appreciated that. I was going through this really scary, unsure point in my life and in the midst of it one of my idols responded to some post I wrote--writing back to me. Okay, maybe I'm way to sentimental about this but I thought it was absolutely amazing to me, considering where I was and how somehow I got to reach one of my idols. It gave me hope, it really did. As reaching or however else that sounded that's the truth. I can't express nothing but appreciation for that, and for that I thank you Kevin, Ming, Ben, and everyone else at View Askew.

I just felt like writing that. It may be a far cry from the webboard antics that I saw in the movie today but I felt like sharing. Thanks a lot, guys.

: And now that this flick's out of my hair, let's spend some quality time together, shall we? It's been too long.

Yup. And to keep the all-too-probing fanboy spirit up: I noticed the "Fugitive" tribute during the drainpipe scene (like just about everyone else did) but was the company that Jay and Silent Bob steal Suzanne from, Provasik (sp?) also a tribute to "The Fugitive"? I remember (why, I dunno) that that was also the name of the drug that was the reasoning Harrison Ford got framed for in the movie. I wondered since when I heard that name I thought of that flick, and when the drainpipe scene came I wondered if that was a weird coincidence or just another tribute.

Take care, Kevin! Thanks so much for yet again a really funny movie.


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