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Posted by Gawd at trout04.library.colostate.edu on August 24, 2001 at 21:04:19:

Dear Mr.Smith

Obviously Rick Schmidt, the guerilla film making guru, has inspired you 'Yoda-style' as regards your filmmaking philosophy. Good for you.
Rick rules.

Anyhow, I'm writing to congratulate you on your brave artistic decision to feature Jason Mewes as your leading man. Watching Dogma (which I enjoyed thoroughly) I couldn't help but think that you were missing the joke of your own movie at times. You had brilliant talent at your disposal yet you were under utilizing them something fierce! Alan Rickman should have been in the film far longer than he was. And how could you choose Linda florentino over Jeanne Garofolo (sp?). She seemed perfect for the part of your heroine. Linda Florention was simply bad (was it just me or was she doing a bad impersonation of Harrison Ford doing Indiana Jones?). But back to Mewes. Watching Dogma, I was always drawn to your sidekick's kinetic powerful house supporting turn. His dialogue and delivery was priceless. So it was with regret that Dogma did not choose to showcase his talent more. Not that I didn't like Dogma. But the functional, unimagined direction at times and the silly special f/x only served to break my suspension of disbelief (clay animation?). It seemed to make the film more low-budget than it had to. But, in the end, Dogma was a well-told story. Don't get me wrong, Dogma is a good movie. Kevin, you are easily the next George Carlin and you have had as profound effect on the indie filmmaking world not unlike George Lucas has on the dream factory. You want to know how? Your films have been ripped off a million times since. Everyone wants to be you (filmmakers that is). Well, enough ass kissing. I'm still waiting for your Star Wars hit. Dogma was good but not great. If only talent like Mewes had been chosen over, well, your own personal filmmaking Dogma... Well, my prayers have been answered! Making Mewes the leading man in your new flick is pure genius. Not only that, it's the perfect middle finger to a Hollywood obsessed with pretty faces like Freddy Prinze Jr. (not that I don't think Jay is ugly...he's just not, let us say, Hugh Jackman handsome). Anyhow, I look forward to seeing your final chapter in the New Jersey saga. Can Mewes carry a film? It will be fun to see if he can. Anyhow, thanks for having the balls to say it like it is and for adding a wonderful niche to the indie filmmaking universe.

My name is DANIEL COOPER. If you want more feedback, call me at

I still haven't decided whether or not to see your new film in the theater or wait till it comes out on tape. $7 is too much to spend on any movie these days. Hopefully you can inspire me to spend my hard earned cash...

Ciao :)

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