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Posted by Labuda at on August 24, 2001 at 20:48:13:

My husband & I took the day off from work today to make sure we could hit the first showing of J&SBSB at our local theatre. We LOVE it! I cust can't put into words how much we loved it - we're likely only going to see it in the theatre this once, but will be buying the DVD the instant it's available. We own all of Kevin's movies on DVD (including both editions of Dogma, and even the Clerks catroon DVDs), and just can NOT get enough of his work.

Thanks to Kevin for writing so well - each Smith film I love more & more. It was a treat to see your beautiful little girl playing you at the beginning! Also, you're a great director, and even if YOU may not think you're a great actor, you do a fabulous job of playing Silent Bob. The three expressions you claim to use get you FAR - you've got a great, expressive face.

Scott Mosier - you're great! We don't get to see much of you in front of the camera ever, but your work behind the scenes does a lot to help pull it all together, I'm sure.

Jason - I hope to see you in more roles, though I'll likely never get over thinking of you as Jay. That character could be a conglomeration of a couple guys I knew back in high school - and I LOVE the way you play it.

For the rest of the ensemble - BRAVO! Job well done! J&SBSB is a great piece of work, thanks to ALL of you - both those on screen and those behind the scenes who put it together! I hope this film makes loads of money becuase it SO deserves it - my husband and I rarely go to the movies, but for a Kevin Smith film, we'll get there as quick as we can!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!


p.s. Kevin - was the fight with Mark Hamill your favorite bit to film? I know you're a big SW fan, so I figure that and the Carrie Fisher bits must have been your most fun. Too bad you couldn't get James Earl Jones and give him a small evil role. *grin* You rock, and fuck everybody who thinks otherwise! Oh, and one last thing - it's nice to see how your writing skills have evolved since Clerks (bits of it were too "dialogue-y" while J&SBSB flows as well as a laugh-out-loud movie like this can!) - I look forward to whatever you do in the future now that you're putting the Jersey Trilogy to rest. *sigh*

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