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Posted by Troyfilm (NetSolo) at on August 24, 2001 at 20:26:06:

In Reply to: How did ya get such a long subject line? Nt posted by Hungry like the wolf on August 24, 2001 at 20:22:41:

: : Whew, that subject was a mouthful.

: : Just had to throw in my two cents worth. I saw the first showing this morning and I'm going back for seconds tonight! Absolutely FANTASTIC flick, Kevin you are one lucky guy because I can see all the dreams, fantasies and ambitions of about a hundred people I know all played out on screen. Engaging in a saber fight, dancing with the Time... you wrote those in for yourself huh? And rightly so!

: : I also just wanted to see if the rest of the board had the same trailers attached to the film (Iron Monkey looks interesting) because I thought it was REALLY ironic that Miramax decided to attach the trailer for "Super Troopers" to Jay and Silent Bob with the "Ain't It Cool" review stating "funny, funny, funny stuff." Jokingly and with sarcasm laid on thinck I said to my best friend "Well if Ain't It Cool says it's good..." and I guess some other die hard Askewniverse people there heard me because the guys to my left busted up laughing. Did they intend to throw a trailer onto a movie that (thankfully) bashed the credibility of a certain unnamed website (moderated by Hairy Balls I noticed)?

: : I figured that I better post this now because it's almost certain that this message board is going to get A WHOLE LOT busier in the next six hours (and hopefully I don't get buried because I'd like to hear what everyone else thought about this trailer choice.

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