To people who don't get it (J&SBSB related NO SPOI

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Posted by Assmonkey at on August 24, 2001 at 18:47:51:


Serioulsy this is a Sequil, the last chapter. Do you people read the last chapter in a book and say oh the book sucks cause you your not familar with the characters? Would you watch Godfather 3, Army of Darkness (minus the first 15 minuets), Return of the Jedi with out see the other movies then say they sucked cause you we're familair with the characters? What are really that stupid that you need a number attached to understand it's a sequil?

As for people who don't like kevin smith(which is cool to each his/her own) then why go see another one of his movies??? It's like fire bad....put hand in fair..ouch burns....let me put my hand in again..ouch.

As for the movie being stupid, no shit it's a comedy about 2 stoners going to ruin a a longer version of the part in mallrats..oh wait if your one of the stupid asses that would go see part 5 first then you don't know what I'm talking about. What are you expecting? Something like Akira, 12 Monkeys, T2, Memento or Requim for a Dream. I mean what comedy wasn't stupid? C'mon that like people who say Dumb and Dumber was shit what gave it away the Dumb or the Dumber in the title...I think it might be the "and".

bagh! No wonder movies now are more check you brain at the door...dumber audience.

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