Ah, Kevin, Don't Be Offended (WizardCon 2001)

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Posted by bettysk8alot at spider-wo072.proxy.aol.com on August 24, 2001 at 17:02:54:

I'm talking about the "Bob" incident during the Green Arrow discussion panel. Obviously, the man did not do his homework, which would have prevented him from making a fool of himself, but the crowd's subsequent persecution was unnecessary. Of course, this is not your fault. But you quickly followed suit. And you sounded genuinely offended. By a man who mistakenly addressed you by your character's name.

And you were offended by this?

I'm surprised because shortly after coming home from Chicago, I stumbled across your post wherein you vehemently defended Tim Burton, a man who could not have made any more clear his indifference to your work because he has never, and will never, willingly subject himself to anything you have done or will do. And you defended him ... to your fans; a man who publicly stated that he is anti-Kevin Smith.

Why did this john doe in a crowd, who is a fan (although it's clear he has only just recently discovered the wonderful witticisms of Kevin Smith), not also get your support? Is it because he doesn't carry the same weight that Tim Burton does in Hollywood?

Do not mistake this for an anti-Kevin Smith post. It is merely a flame. Because I have something to say. Because I volunteered for Wizard at the con, and one of my duties was to pass out free comic books. FREE COMIC BOOKS! A comic book (first print) that was being sold-and bought-at retailers' booths for three dollars and up. I cannot count how many times this notion was snubbed by the very people who were clawing each other's eyes out just to get into the View Askew room. Without even a glance at the comic itself.

My thoughts on this: Groupies, go home! You are wasting perfectly good space, as evidenced by intellectually stimulating questions such as "Can I get a hug?" or "Will you sign my body?" I'm sure we all wanted to know the answer to that. Your [Kevin's] ability to humorously articulate situations to which I can relate is not justification for an irrational desire to sleep with you. So, to you groupies out there, at least TRY to expose yourself to the rest of the con instead of treating it like it's the plague and Kevin Smith's the cure. Otherwise, you're the fuck who took my seat, which was much too valuable for the likes of your ass.

Don't get me wrong; there are those out there who are your fans, who have also always been comic book fans. People who celebrated the day that you began writing comic books and reveled in the glory of this marriage. And to those people, I hope you realize that this post does not address you.

Here are some illustrative anecdotes. I assured my boyfriend that Green Arrow would not be as packed as View Askew. Was I wrong? Of course not; the room was almost full, but not fire-hazard full like View Askew was the day before. Want another example? There were never more than ten people in line at one time for Ande Parks' and Phil Hester's signatures when they were on the DC panel (author's injection: because people are fools). I don't think Bob Schreck packed the house for the Green Arrow discussion, and, if he did, then NO ONE had any business attacking the gentlemen who called you Bob.

My boyfriend, who was looking forward to your View Askew panel, was disappointed when we couldn't get in. But was all lost? No. Because my boyfriend literally bumped into Joe Queseda, who was more down-to-earth than my mailman. And because the guys from Red Star rocked. And because Mike Cotton gave me his autograph. And because Steve-Dave was working the View Askew booth.

I'm not stereotyping the entire Kevin Smith fanbase, just that genre of fans who cry "Oppression!" at the drop of a hat. Oppression, my ass. Take a free comic book and read it while you're trying to figure out what the fuck it is you're pissed about! And get off your big brother's coat tails. And put down that skateboard you carry around like an accessory and fucking ride it!

This is not an attack on you [Kevin]. I only want to suggest that (because it would appear that a majority of your following cannot make a life decision by his or herself, therefore turn to your every move for guidance), when you do something like: defend the man that attacks you and everything you stand for, then cast a stone, along with everyone else, at a man who is trying to be a fan, well ... you are, to some extent, teaching them to go against everything they "think" they're fighting for. Because of the obvious differences between these two men.

This post will quickly be followed by a long trail of flames, because there are people out there who have nothing better to do but read this board day in and day out, hoping, praying that you will reply to their posts. But, in the famous words of Kevin Smith, "Fuck 'em ..." And most especially, bring them on. At least I speak my mind, and not what I think is going to get me elected.

Reassure me that the many dollars spent at View Askew were not a waste. I enjoy your work and hope to continue to do so.

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