You sir are an ass...

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Posted by Hungry like the wolf at on August 24, 2001 at 16:57:09:

In Reply to: J&SBSB: How Bad Does It Suck? posted by kjr547 on August 24, 2001 at 16:32:07:

you're main problem with this movie isn't the content, the script or any of the NORMAL critisisms but that Kevin Smith cast his wife in a role YOU think she isn't suited for because of her looks, which is incredible shallow not to mention plain stupid, complain about the acting, the dialogue, the jokes, the set, or the directing but not the way someone in it looks.

You seem to be attacking the weekest links of the movie purely because they are easy targets, how difficult is it to say you knew Van der Beek and Biggs would suck? Because you are such an authority who wouldn't have sucked in their roles as THEMSELVES perhaps Peter O'Toole could've played the "pie fucker" and maybe John Mills as "that guy from Dawson's creek" would suit you.

Quick note to ASSpiring dickheads: Do you have the talent, ability or skill to even think of a good film plot, let alone make it and if so have you?

What gives you the right to assume that everyone else who went to see the film wants an ending reminiscent of a Very Bad cheesey Star Trek rip-off Brit-sci-fi series?

And if you hated it why are you going to see it again?

And don't think I haven't noticed that this is trying to be a tongue in cheek review to try and annoy people like me and everyone else on the board, because I still feel the need to reply to this crap, either post a positive response or some constructive critisism. We don't need this rubbish after all the shit that has gone on over the past few weeks.

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