A Fitting End to the NJ Saga! [?]

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Posted by Doctor Wholittle at ppp-64-219-95-212.dialup.hstntx.swbell.net on August 24, 2001 at 16:40:28:

(Hopefully, there'll be no spoilers in here, but beware anyway!)
Having just seen what has to be the funniest KS film (not his best -- I *still* reserve that slot for "Chasing Amy"), I find myself immediately wanting to go back & see it again.

The film neatly wraps up most of the "loose threads" begun back in "Clerks", & so deftly continued throughout the entirety of the NJS (though I think Mr Ebert needs to GO BACK AND ACTUALLY *WATCH* THE MOVIE IN QUESTION NEXT TIME BEFORE HE WRITES HIS NON-SEQUITORS!! Dudn't know "Banky" from "Brodie" or that "Holden"'s even IN the picture... Jeeeeeeeeeeezus CHRIST, whatta pudwhacker!!).

For a guy who made a "little" movie off his car insurance pay-off, Smith's done what all of us ne'er-do-wells only dream of doing, while providing us the inspiration at the same time. He is truly "our" version of "Serendipity", only he gets to keep his ideas instead of only inspiring them.

Anyone going into this had BETTER be a Smith fan, or you're gonna spend an hour & 40 (give or take) scratching your head & muttering "what the f... ?!". The cameos alone make this movie worth the price of admission, as well as the inside & movie jokes that only View Askewers will pick up on. The movie, as Mr Ebert finally stated in his 2 correct statements, was made for us (counting all Kev's friends as "us", as well). Having gone to the first showing of the day, the smattering of people in the theater didn't seem to laugh as hard (sometimes at all) at the references as my hetero life mate & I did. Maybe these people were there 'cos of the ads?

Granted, this movie's not gonna win any "real" critical praise, but then again, most any movie worth a shit never does. And I couldn't be more happy for Kev if he gets raked over the coals by every "reputable" reviewer in the world.

Just makes me wanna go back & see it again all the more!

(Hey, KEVIN -- When're you gonna realise that YOU are the ONLY guy who can do a DD film, damn it?!?)

"Silent" Doctor Wholittle & HLM

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