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Posted by janna at on May 08, 2001 at 11:46:53:

In Reply to: Re: You have issues posted by skimber on May 08, 2001 at 11:22:34:

Evil Shmevil. But I respest your opinion. (even though you are wrong). However you forgot the most under-rated actor of our time: John C. Mutha Fucking Riley. Of Boogie Nights and Magnolia fame. Also put in a good performance in the Perfect Storm... Which brings us full circle back to Marky Mark. He sucks.

: Actually, I don't really like DeNiro all that much either. I think he's overrated. I think he's good, but not nearly what everyone makes him out to be. Sadly, the majority of the good actors don't get their due credit. My fav film actors are: Jimmy Stewart, Dustin Hoffman, Christian Bale, Anthony Hopkins, Robert Sean Leonard, Robert Downey Jr., Claire Danes, Emma Thompson, Ethan Hawke, Jack Nicholson, Liam Neeson, John Cusack, (Joan's pretty good too), John Malkovich, Gary Sinise, Martin Landau, etc etc etc. I do not think I'm wrong about Jim or Charleton (he..spoken like I actually know them). First of all, no one can deny that Charleton Heston is just plain evil, with his thoughts on gun control, etc. And as far as his acting goes, he can only do one character...the blatent over-actor. He's terrible. I do think Jim Carrey has potential to do good. I just get annoyed when I pay lots of money (at movies) to see Ace Ventura over and over again. When he stops being that annoying character, he can do a good job. And yes, at first that character was funny (when on In Living Color) but I became convinced that he couldn't do anything else (other than the Truman show, as already stated. However, one gem doesn't mean a goldmine) I think he's overrated. At least he's not evil....

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