What you talkin' bout K?

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Posted by Tommy Howard at iwu-student.iwu.edu on May 08, 2001 at 08:55:02:

Man, you make some delightfully shallow and terribly deep films. I really like how you delve into the duelality of man with your J and silent bob. One loud and obnocious, sic, and the other quietly killing himself. Such a true form of life.
The movies i watched repeatedly for the popping dialouge that communicates life to everyone.
I from middle america do not see the terrible post-material hang over to the extent you see it,
I see it differently brought up in the heart of the good old US of A only to find that what was promised in the 1980's, ala proud to be an american and born in the usa
turned into a country hell bent on wealth with a blind faith toward their savior,
much praise.
you damn commie bastard, Silent bob in that trench coat keeping his mouth shut while J hocks drugs,
what a scitzo. also i loved your speach at Illinois Wesleyan last year. The vignette on superman and hollywood really shows that the IQ of this country reflects the leadership of it.
To better days, as i just entered my 20's and want to go to law school to defend idiots who only wish to amass material wealth and not a wealth of life.
your loyal fan,
Silent Tom

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