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Posted by BrodieGod at ip66.md.dialup.beachin.net on May 07, 2001 at 17:29:38:

In Reply to: Best of Kilroy Part III posted by Sir James Lacaita on May 07, 2001 at 17:21:19:

: (Continuing his rant about why Britlandia is better than the U.S. of A., then going on about stuff that's so badly misspeled, obivously intentional, I just gave up trying to comprehend his stupid attempt at humor)

: It is not by cowincident that your cuntry is considerd the most hated
: cuntry in the whould. You help people over-thow the govenments of over
: cuntrys, you sell wepons to terits, you chrase you plans into other plans, KILLING the other piolent and don't say sorry for more than a weak.

: And on another note, i'm 19 years old and am a student of whould History, un-like the woman i saw on the American virsion of the Weacust Link the other day when it was shown over hear. She didn't know the diferance betwen Mahatma Gandi and the Dali Larmer! Talk about DUME! There is no poin replying to this e-mail as i'm bord with this conversation and i'm now going to bloke your e-mail addres. If you think that what i have said so far is inflamatory, then waight to you se what i post on the View Askew board next! See you there.

: Kilroy

: [James]

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